WAW ‘What a Weekend’

WAW 2021 Tutors (from left) Paula Hucklesby, Robyn van Reenan, Kerry Seeley, Jill Maas, Lynette Crowther-Aker and Maree Burnnand

‘What A Weekend’ embroidery workshops are run annually by Nelson Embroiderers’ Guild at Waimea College, Richmond, Nelson.

Each year we invite the best tutors to present a range of workshops, some suitable for beginners and others designed to develop skills of experienced stitchers.

The exhibition of work from previous years is a firm favourite and our Merchants Mall always generates a lot of interest. Both are open to the public.

For 2022 we are encouraging all participants to register on-line right here!

WAW 2022 Booklet of classes is now ready for you to enjoy reading.

On-line registration is available for the first time.

WAW Committee